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DENT is an open source collaborative effort created to enable the creation of Network OS for Disaggregated Network Switches in campus and remote enterprise locations. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leadin g Silicon Vendors, Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), System Integrators (SI), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and End Users. * If you are interested in Membership, please visit * If you are interested in participating in our technical community, please join our technical discussion groups *discuss-dev ( )* and *tsc ( )* * If you are interested in the broader DENT ecosystem, please visit This is a public list. *Joining the main group won’t subscribe you to any of the project’s mailing lists.  If you would like to subscribe to a DENT mailing list please click on “Subgroups” to the left, and self-select the lists you are interested in.* Please note that unsubscribing from will remove you from all DENT mailing lists.
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Subgroups You Can Join

  • DENT announcements
    Subscribe to this list to get the latest announcements from the project.
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  • dent-general-members
    Technical contacts of DENT General members
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  • DENT Developer Discussions
    Mailing list for Technical community conversations.
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  • Roadmap and Features Working Group
    This group will discuss new features and roadmap ideas for the Dent Project.
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  • marketing-outreach
    Handle Marketing requirements of DENT Ecosystem
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  • DENT Patch reviews
    Discussion list for code reviewers for DENT OS code.
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  • Dent Testing Working Group (TWG)
    This is the discussion mailing list for the Testing working group under the purview of the TSC.
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  • DENT Technical Steering Committee
    Technical Steering Committee Discussions Welcome to the DENT TSC mailing list. We will use this list for technical discussions relevant to the TSC and community. Discussions in this list are public and anyone interested in DENT is welcomed to subscribe to this list.
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  • Upstream Working Group
    Working Group to discuss upstream components/drivers in Dent.
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